Argentina sets a record for fish exports

In the global economic landscape, Argentina stands out as an emerging giant in the seafood sector, marking a resounding start to the year 2024. In January, there was a rebound in fish and seafood exports, with significant increases in both volume and value,...

Climate change and fishing

Climate change is having a profound impact on our oceans and marine life. Its effects are altering the distribution of fish populations and their food, and fishing activity must adapt to the new conditions and engage with the change.


Fisheries Science

This article describes the bases of commercial fishing which allow the development of the activity in a sustainable way, reviewing the main tools for fisheries management, as well as highlighting some of the challenges that the activity is going through in its set.

Source: Diario Clarín

A struggle in Antarctic seas.

A partir de un fuerte cuestionamiento científico de Rusia a los estudios de estimación del estado de explotación de la merluza negra en el área 48.1 de CCAMRL (Islas Georgias del Sur), se generó un conflicto para el establecimiento de la cuota anual de pesca en...